Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fictitious Sports - Nick Mason - 1981 U.S.A. Promo

This is Nick mason's album from 1981, and another promo vinyl from my collection, released in the US. Like others, it has the golden stamp that says "FOR PROMOTION ONLY Ownership Reserved By CBS Sale Is Unlawful". The labels though, does not have anything that reminds us it is a promo copy, like others do.

It is still not clear to me why it is credited as a Nick Mason album when clearly all he does in this album is playing the drums and percussion. Columbia, apparently attempting to cash in on Pink Floyd's explosion in popularity, released this album in 1981 under Nick Mason's name when in reality he's simply the drummer. He didn't write any of the lyrics or composed any of the music and obviously  is not singing. It is considered by many a Carla Bley album  in all but name, since she wrote and composed all the songs herself and co-produced. All the songs except one are sung by Soft Machine's lead singer Robert Wyatt. What can I say? It is still a Pink Floyd collectible for me and other Pink Floyd fans.

The cover was designed by long time Pink Floyd designers at Hipgnosis. The front cover has a fictitious sports' playing field.The back cover has a small photo in the middle of a soccer field and many balls on it, and includes song names and credits. It also comes with an insert with the song lyrics and pictures from the recording sessions.

Released: May 1981
Country: U.S.A.
Cat. Number: FC 37307
Record Company: Columbia
Labels: Red Columbia Labels

Track List:
(1) Can't Get My Motor To Start (3:39)
(2) I Was Wrong (4:12)
(3) Siam (4:48)
(4) Hot River (5:16)
(5) Boo To You Too (3:26)
(6) Do Ya? (4:36)
(7) Wervin' (3:58)
(8) I'm A Mineralist (6:16)

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