Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Brazil - FAKE

This post is made for you, other Pink Floyd collectors, as a warning that there are fakes out there.

Back in the days before smart-phones, I was going to some record stores, and when I saw something I didn't have, I couldn't really check its origin or if it's a fake or not. These days I just Google the catalog number  and there it is. So I bought a fake Brazilian issue of 'The Piper At the Gates of Dawn' in a shop nearby without knowing it's a fake. Anyway, i'm not going to sell it back to anyone and it's still a part of my collection, but I won't buy any fakes anymore, i'm more aware now.

Release information: Picture disc, known as printed in Brazil in 2004, it was circulating as a limited edition of 500 copies only, one side shows the original cover of the album with the text "Pink Floyd" and the EMI-Harvest white logo in the upper side, the other side shows a collage of the album cover (front/back) with credits and track listing. No matrix numbers. Cover made of a transparent plastic, although since February 2010 have seen the classic covers, probably of English reprints. Cat. Number: 703106442901

Most information taken from ''  and 'The Ultimate Pink Floyd vinyl discography'.

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