Monday, November 24, 2008

Pink Floyd On Forty-Five – Book by Charles Beterams

This book was published this month and arrived shortly after to me. This book is a definitive discography of the band's 7-inch singles from all over the world, from countries such as Angola, Costa-Rica, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Kenya to all Europe countries, Australia, South America countries and the U.S.

In this book you can find not only official releases of the band but also promotional copies that weren't suppose to get to the public. Every country has its own chapter which includes discographies of not only the band but also its members' all in chronological order. The book also includes a selection of test pressings and acetates. All singles are presented in color together with release notes. The writer claims that this is not a full discography, although it includes

The book has a hard cover, is black with a pink stripe on the side, Pink Floyd is written in pink and On Forty-Five is written in white. On the front cover there is a picture of the 7-inch single See Emily Play from Spain and the back cover has a collage of about 25 singles, together with some words about the book.

A personal note: This book is a must have for all Pink Floyd vinyl collectors out there. Any purchase of Pink Floyd stuff makes me happy, but i'm not sure about this one. It makes me think about not being able to obtain all of the 7-inch singles one day...

Year: 2008
Cat. No: 978 905994 245 5
Country: The Netherlands

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