Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd - Russia (1992)

This album was produced by the Center of rock'n'roll congregations of united Evangelist-Lutheran churches of Russia, St. Petersburg. This release was not official. It does not include the phrase "There is no Dark Side of the Moon ... " at the end of the record. No such organization exists. This name and the phrase "Recorded from radio broadcast" (found on the records labels) were put there by AnTrop to resolve copyright problems, should such occur. On different records, this phrase might read slightly different.

AnTrop was named after the legendary Russian underground producer and sound engineer, Andrey Tropillo, who in 1990, on the wave of "perestroika," became the head of the St. Petersburg branch of Melodia. Since there was much turmoil in Russia at the time, he made the St. Petersburg branch independent of central headquarters and started releasing a series of classic Rock albums. These releases were not legitimate. They started with releases by The Beatles, Jesus Christ - Superstar, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and eventually Pink Floyd. All these records were released using Melodia facilities, but AnTrop was operating as an independent record label and was putting the Antrop logo and their own numbers and copyrights on the covers. However, since all the records were printed in Melodia owned and run facilities, AnTrop had to give its releases additional Melodia catalog numbers, which is why there are both catalog numbers on the releases. Antrop is the label that released most of the Pink Floyd albums in Russia. "P" in the AnTrop catalog numbers stands for Russian letter "P" (that looks like Greek "Pi").

Country: Russia
Cat. Number: "P"91 00093/94
Label: White AnTrop labels with blue circles. The label is a shooting target with numbers: 7 8 9 9 8 7 across the middle. At the top is an oval that has the AnTrop logo in the middle and "CONSUMMARUM IN UNIUM" and "St Petersburg" in gothic font across top and bottom respectively. The left side of the oval has "A"(Greek alpha) and the right side of the oval has the Greek "Omega." The bottom half of the label has "Stereo 33" and the Catalog Number "P91 00093/94." Below the middle hole there are the song titles and " "Recorded from broadcast" (all in Russian).

Most information taken from The Pink Floyd Archives website.

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